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Published by Huel on January 18th, 2024 9:45am. 4 views.

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This newsletter from Huel promotes building a customized bundle of meals and snacks. It features:

* An image of a banner promoting a "fresh start" for the new year.
* A call-to-action button for subscribers to build their own bundle.
* Details about Huel's AM and PM meal options, each with a flavor-packed meal, drink, or supplement.
* A call-to-action button for subscribers to take a survey to find their perfect Huel product.
* Links to the Huel website, account login, chat, and social media accounts.
* An address and contact information for Huel Inc.
* Links to manage preferences and unsubscribe.

In Spanish:

Este boletín de Huel promueve la creación de un paquete personalizado de comidas y refrigerios. Incluye:

* Una imagen de un banner que promueve un "nuevo comienzo" para el año nuevo.
* Un botón de llamada a la acción para que los suscriptores creen su propio paquete.
* Detalles sobre las opciones de comida de Huel para la mañana y la tarde, cada una con una comida, bebida o suplemento lleno de sabor.
* Un botón de llamada a la acción para que los suscriptores realicen una encuesta y encuentren su producto Huel perfecto.
* Enlaces al sitio web de Huel, inicio de sesión de la cuenta, chat y cuentas de redes sociales.
* Una dirección e información de contacto de Huel Inc.
* Enlaces para administrar preferencias y cancelar la suscripción.


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The new year is off and running, which means it's time to craft some brand-new routines that can usher in positive vibes and changes.

When you build your own Huel bundle, you can choose your favorite meals and snacks from the ranges that suit you.  Seems like your January routine is about to kick off with a bang.💥
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AM ⛅
Max out your morning minutes by shaking up a higher-protein, lower-carb Black Edition meal, grabbing a handy bottle of Ready-to-drink, or topping up on all 27 essential vitamins and minerals with our classic Powder. There’s no feeling like complete nutrition in the morning.
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PM 🌙
Huel is here to help when it's time for dinner.  Mix up one of our flavor-packed Instant Meals to enjoy a natural, high-fiber dish with up to 25g of protein. Craving some dessert after dinner?
Cram in 170 health benefits with one of our chocolatey Complete Nutrition Bars.
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Not sure which Huel is right for you? No problem. Take our quick survey and let us find your perfect product match.
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