Huel Newsletter: Here’s exactly how Huel can help you in 2024

Published by Huel on January 25th, 2024 9:02am. 4 views.

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This newsletter from Huel, a company that provides convenient, healthy, and sustainable food options, highlights the positive impact Huel has had on one of their customers, Jack. The newsletter features statistics and testimonials regarding Jack's improvements in his health, finances, and convenience after using Huel. The newsletter also includes links to the Huel website, where readers can shop the product line and learn more about the company.

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Este boletín de Huel, una empresa que ofrece opciones de alimentos convenientes, saludables y sostenibles, destaca el impacto positivo que Huel ha tenido en uno de sus clientes, Jack. El boletín incluye estadísticas y testimonios sobre las mejoras de Jack en su salud, finanzas y comodidad después de usar Huel. El boletín también incluye enlaces al sitio web de Huel, donde los lectores pueden comprar la línea de productos y aprender más sobre la empresa.


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Every day, Huel helps thousands of people lead happy, healthy, convenient lives 🤍
Introducing Jack. Jack is part of our global community of Hueligans, and in 2023, he did some incredible things with the help of Huel. The best part? By the end of this year, it could be you.
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Here's what Jack's year looked like...
👩‍🍳 Cooking up a storm. 311 Huel meals enjoyed.

🚀 Speedy Gonzales. 393 meal prep minutes saved.

💰 It all adds up. $333 saved with Huel.

🍬 Sweet enough. 4740g of sugar cut.

💪 From strength to strength. 4640g of extra protein consumed.

🧂 Feel the pinch. 65 fewer grams of salt.

☀️ Let the sun shine. 1214mg more Vitamin D.

*We compared Huel vs. alternative meals for specific occasions e.g. Huel Complete Protein vs. a Protein Bar, Huel Powder vs Porridge, Huel Ready-to-drink vs A Meal Deal, to be as true to life and fair as possible.
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Huel is all about giving you everything you need to be your best self every day. Start your journey now and see where 2024 could take you.
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