HOLISTIK Wellness LLC Newsletter: How do the STIKs work?

Published by HOLISTIK Wellness LLC on February 1st, 2024 8:45am. 4 views.

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This email newsletter provided a detailed summary of the benefits of using the product and how it was developed. Included in the summary were high-quality images to show what the product looks like and inserts of quotes from customers. There was also a discount code included for 25% off everything.

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Este boletín informativo por correo electrónico proporcionó un resumen detallado de los beneficios de utilizar el producto y cómo se desarrolló. Se incluyeron imágenes de alta calidad en el resumen para mostrar la apariencia del producto e inserciones de citas de clientes. También se incluyó un código de descuento del 25% para todo.

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HOLISTIK Wellness™
HOLISTIK (see what we did there) offers convenient, perfectly portioned supplements at home or on the go.
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The Challenge:
Sustainably source and create an effective CBD formula for life’s most common everyday ailments. Provide a convenient way to consume for busy lifestyles.
Out Solution:
Amplify powerful, natural ingredients with third-party tested, high-quality Hemp Extract from a New York Biodynamic Greenhouse.
Why Powder in a STIK?
Our body is made up of water, not oil. So instead of making it break down the oil within the hemp plant, we do it ahead of time. It’s then coated in a water-soluble material so we can absorb and feel the benefits more quickly. The convenience of the STIK gives you a consistent portion every. single. time.