Huel Newsletter: Should I wear a blood glucose monitor? 🤷‍♂️

Published by Huel on February 3rd, 2024 9:01am. 4 views.

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Huel's edition 99 of The Digest Editorial includes topics such as whether exercise or diet is more important, must-try protein snack ideas, and a review of blood glucose monitors. For those seeking expert opinions on making healthier lifestyle choices, this newsletter offers research-backed insights into nutrition, fitness, and general well-being.

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La edición 99 de The Digest Editorial de Huel incluye temas como "¿el ejercicio o la dieta son más importantes?", ideas para meriendas proteicas que debes probar y una revisión de los medidores de glucosa en la sangre. Para aquellos que buscan opiniones de expertos sobre cómo tomar decisiones más saludables en su estilo de vida, este boletín ofrece conocimientos respaldados por investigaciones sobre nutrición, estado físico y bienestar general.


The Digest Editorial - Edition 99.
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So, what’s more important: exercise or diet? It’s a question that’s top of mind with New Year resolutions still in the air, races on the horizon, and summer holidays in the distance. We let the experts decide.

This week we also have nutritionist Jess looking at whether blood glucose monitors are worth the hype, before highlighting the best low-calorie, high-protein snacks (after a Huel Complete Nutrition Bar, of course).
Diet vs exercise
It's the biggest question in health and fitness, but what's the verdict? Writer Sam Rider calls on the experts to end the debate once and for all.
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22 must-try 100-calorie protein snack ideas
Not all snacks are created equal. Here are some nutritious, low-calorie, high-protein snack ideas for those days when you need an extra energy boost.
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Blood glucose monitors
It’s one of the hottest trends in nutrition but should someone without diabetes be wearing one? We ask nutritionist Jess for her verdict.
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