Survival of the Fittest: How Uncharted Supply Co. is Equipping Heroes for the Unpredictable

Published by Traffikoo LLC on February 7th, 2024 8:09pm. 28 views.

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Imagine a world where unpredictability reigns supreme – a natural disaster strikes, a vehicle breaks down in the wilderness, or a power outage leaves a neighborhood in the dark. In such scenarios, who becomes a hero? According to Uncharted Supply Co., a hero can be anyone who's prepared.

From a groundbreaking Indiegogo campaign to swimming with the Sharks on ABC's Shark Tank, Uncharted Supply Co. has emerged as a beacon of readiness. The company's extraordinary first year saw them selling millions of dollars' worth of products to over 80 countries. But what has enthralled people worldwide is their flagship product, The Seventy2—a survival kit that asserts everything needed to tackle the critical initial 72 hours of an emergency.

This marvel of preparedness is thoughtfully designed and comes with critical acclaim. Inside its sleek, water-resistant shell, The Seventy2 boasts an array of tools and supplies curated by survival experts to help handle a myriad of crises. The kit’s brilliance lies not only in its contents but in fostering self-reliance – turning the everyday person into a protagonist of their own survival story.

Beyond producing exemplary survival systems, Uncharted Supply Co. is shaping a global narrative of preparedness. Their website,, serves as a digital fortress for fortifying homes and spirits alike. Within this one-stop survival shop, customers find anything they need to brace for the unexpected: from first aid kits to power systems, from inflatable rafts to bags and hip packs, and from auto/overlanding gear to knives and tools.

However, it’s not just about selling products. Uncharted Supply Co. ensures that their website is a wellspring of knowledge, featuring a seamlessly organized online itinerary. You can delve into their blog and resources section teeming with articles, videos, and other informative content tailored to survival, preparedness, and outdoor activities. This reflects the company's enduring commitment to educating its community, making it not just a retailer but a resource for the betterment of society.

Their range is vast, teeming with gear that caters to different needs. The first aid kits are compact yet comprehensive, ensuring wounds can be treated swiftly and effectively. Power systems are robust, giving adventurers the energy autonomy they need when off the grid. The auto/overlanding gear is designed for rugged reliability, while the apparel merges practicality with style, suited for both the wild and the everyday.

But what elevates Uncharted Supply Co. from a brand to a movement is their continued pursuit of innovation. Each product—be it a raft or a multi-tool—is not just expertly-crafted; it is a promise of safety and assurance, a badge of honor for those who choose not to be victims of circumstance.

There's indeed a deep sense of responsibility that emanates from the ethos Uncharted Supply Co. stands for. They envision a world where being prepared is not the exception but the norm—a world where readiness is ingrained in every person's nature. Thus, the survival kits are not just about sustenance; they are instruments of empowerment.

Purchasing gear from Uncharted Supply Co. is a declaration—one that says, 'I will not be dictated by the unforeseen.' With every bag, backpack, or communication device comes the promise that no matter the calamity, you can be your hero. It's about embracing preparation not as a hobby but as a lifestyle, gearing up for life in ways that extend beyond the norm, crossing the threshold from the known to the unknown with an assurance that is tangible.

In an era fraught with uncertainties, Uncharted Supply Co. has heralded a new age of resilience. Whether stranded, facing adversity, or merely engaging in routine outdoor escapades, this is the brand that ensures that your confidence, just like their gear, remains unharmed.

Evoking a harmonious blend of function, fashion, and fortification, Uncharted Supply Co. is not merely creating products; it's crafting legacies, ensuring that in every individual there lies a hero equipped not just for the journey but for the trials along the way. The world may be unpredictable, but with Uncharted Supply Co., readiness meets the road, and it's a road that leads to the safe haven of preparedness.

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