Huel Newsletter: Let’s talk protein

Published by Huel on February 27th, 2024 9:02am. 3 views.

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- Huel has launched a new protein day campaign.
- Huel's plant-based protein can provide support for bone health, help aid cognitive decline, and lower blood pressure.
- Huel offers a variety of plant-based protein options including Daily Superblend, Complete Protein, and Black Edition.
- All options contain at least 20g of protein per serving and some less than 200 calories.
- Huel is giving customers the option to "Build your own Bundle" so they can mix and match their favorite products.

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Most people associate protein with packing on the muscle at the gym. But in reality, this macronutrient does so much more.

In honor of National Protein Day, we’re raising a glass to Huel’s plant-based protein offerings, which may support bone health, help cognitive decline, lower blood pressure, and more.
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Daily Superblend 🥬
Say yes to the journey ahead with Huel Daily Superblend, the ultimate superfood meal that boasts 25g of protein, as well as a superfruit, adaptogens and antioxidant greens blend.
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Complete Protein
Complete Protein 🤍
The world’s first nutritionally complete vegan protein powder features 20g of protein, and contains a balanced amount of EAAs and BCAAs in every scoop.
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Black Edition
Black Edition 🖤
All the nutrients you need in one convenient meal. Huel Black Edition provides you with 40g of protein and is a perfect option for those following a low-carb diet.
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Complete Nutrition Bars
Complete Nutrition Bars 🍫
No time for scoopable or drinkable Huel? Snack smart with a smooth caramel and chocolate bar that’s packed with 13g of protein and is less than 200 calories.
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Discover how Huel can power your nutrition, help boost mental health, and fuel your athletic goals, whether you choose Daily Superblend, Black Edition, or Complete Powder.
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Craving protein? Add more to your life with Huel.
Why not Build your own Bundle? Mix & match your favorite protein products to ensure you're never running low on the good stuff.
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