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Published by Old Timer on May 24th, 2024 4:00pm. 3 views.

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Old Timer is holding a Memorial Day sale offering 25% off on made in the USA knives. At Old Timer, the company believes in honoring heritage and supporting the next generation. This discount represents the values that bind Americans together, whether they are a veteran, a family member remembering a hero, or a patriot inspired by the legacy of those who came before. To use the offer, consumers can use the code "SUMMER24" at checkout. The sale includes knives from the Generational Series, which celebrates the craftsmanship and resilience of each era. A variety of other knives are also featured in the sale.

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Old Timer organiza una oferta por Memorial Day con un 25% de descuento en cuchillos hechos en EE. UU. En Old Timer, la empresa cree en honrar el patrimonio y apoyar a la siguiente generación. Este descuento representa los valores que unen a los estadounidenses, ya sean veteranos, un familiar conmemorando a un héroe o un patriota inspirado por el legado de aquellos que vinieron antes. Para utilizar la oferta, los consumidores pueden utilizar el código "SUMMER24" en el momento de pagar. La oferta incluye cuchillos de la Serie Generacional, que celebra la artesanía y la resistencia de cada era. También hay otros cuchillos disponibles en la oferta.

25% Off Made In The USA Old Timer

Our Memorial Day Sale Is Ready For You
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Old Timer
Happy Memorial day

At Old Timer, we recognize the importance of preserving our heritage and supporting the next generation. That's why, this Memorial Day, we proudly offer a 25% discount on our Made in the USA Generational Series. These timeless pieces celebrate the craftsmanship, resilience, and enduring spirit that define each era.

Whether you're a proud veteran, a family member remembering a fallen hero, or a young patriot inspired by the legacy of those who came before, our Generational Series represents the shared values that bind us together.

Generational Series - Trapper 94 OTG
Trapper - 94OTG
Bruin - 5OTG
Sharpfinger - 152 OTG
Middleman - 34OTG

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