Fuzz Newsletter: Super Woo.... Well... I'm on a Clif High HIGH, you were curious? Here's some another interview... FuzzNews

Published by Fuzz on May 24th, 2024 9:37pm. 7 views.
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This email newsletter is introducing the sender's "FuzzNews" with a link to a YouTube video. The sender emphasizes the importance of knowing and understanding the world around us. They request feedback from readers and offer a donation link to support their travels and continued reporting. The sender also promotes their book, "Bohemian Road Trip," available for purchase on Amazon.

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Este boletín informativo presenta "FuzzNews" del remitente con un enlace a un video de YouTube. El remitente enfatiza la importancia de conocer y comprender el mundo que nos rodea. Solicitan comentarios de los lectores y ofrecen un enlace de donación para apoyar sus viajes e informes constantes. El remitente también promueve su libro, "Bohemian Road Trip", disponible para su compra en Amazon.

If you read the Tico Times or La Nation, maybe you'll want to pass this one on by. But if you're curious and can afford the time in your busy lives, I think this just might help your understanding of the world around us. Fuzz
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.... on the other hand, if you want me to keep sending this stuff, LET ME KNOW, DAMN IT! MoMoFuzz

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