Wicked Good Cupcakes Newsletter: Eat a cupcake, give back to LGBTQ+ youth ✨

Published by Wicked Good Cupcakes on June 2nd, 2024 11:30am. 7 views.

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About this post - by PublicEmails.com:

This HTML email newsletter is for Wicked Good Cupcakes. The newsletter highlights that Wicked Good Cupcakes donates $1 to BAGLY for each cupcake sent, features the business's flavors, and promotes other special products. The newsletter also includes links to their social media pages and a "Send an EGift with GiftSnap" option.

In Spanish:

Este boletín informativo por correo electrónico HTML es para Wicked Good Cupcakes. El boletín destaca que Wicked Good Cupcakes dona $1 a BAGLY por cada cupcake enviado, presenta los sabores del negocio y promociona otros productos especiales. El boletín informativo también incluye enlaces a sus páginas de redes sociales y una opción de "Enviar un EGift con GiftSnap".

Send a cupcake, we’ll donate $1 to BAGLY