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An html newsletter discusses multiple topics relating to women, violence, and gun use, including the current political debate surrounding guns in America. The newsletter begins by discussing the historical significance of guns and how they have been used for both protection and violence. The author argues that in the current climate of violence against women, guns could be a necessary tool for self-defense. However, the author also acknowledges the dangers of gun ownership, particularly in the hands of the mentally ill. Finally, the author discusses the importance of women being trained in self-defense and gun safety.

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Un boletín informativo en html analiza múltiples temas relacionados con las mujeres, la violencia y el uso de armas, incluido el debate político actual que rodea a las armas en Estados Unidos. El boletín informativo comienza analizando la importancia histórica de las armas y cómo se han usado tanto para protección como para violencia. El autor sostiene que, en el clima actual de violencia contra las mujeres, las armas podrían ser una herramienta necesaria para la autodefensa. Sin embargo, el autor también reconoce los peligros de la propiedad de armas, en particular en manos de personas con problemas de salud mental. Finalmente, el autor analiza la importancia de capacitar a las mujeres en autodefensa y seguridad con armas.

Women, Violence, Guns & the Hoochie Coochie Factor

The Fuzz

Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long
—-Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice


            In The Teachings of Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda relates a scene in which he asks Don Juan the question; (paraphrased,) “If a man is in a tree over there and has a gun pointed at me, I’m in his crosshairs, and he pulls the trigger, how is leading the Spiritual life of a warrior going to help me?”

            “This is easy Carlito, you just wouldn’t be there.” 

            And so it is.  Can we picture the Dali Lama with an AK47 on his lap?  Some people just don’t need guns.  Maybe needing a gun has to do with how clean you keep your karma; or how clean it was on your birthday.  Great Generals rode into battle with backs straight, heads up and a serene calmness about them.  They directed fire without a moment’s concern for the lead zipping past them from all directions.  All possibility of mishap removed, they knew their own life and death was out of their hands.  Some of us still wonder.

The kind of protection a person chooses is quite personal, almost like a deodorant commercial.  Those of us in the bilges may require something stronger.  If the best of us weren’t always limited by what the worst of us might do, maybe picking a gun would be as simple as choosing a deodorant.  Unfortunately there’s a growing hysteria about the word “gun” that ends conversations, causes women to look heavenward and men to stare at their feet until the moment passes.  So this is me, having a stab at rationality.   

This essay comes in parts; later we’ll try to assemble them like a Lego set.  Speaking of Lego's, let’s start with the basic assumption that men and women were designed to stick together; so let's be friends.  Gaby asked God to accompany me when I left the house on my motorcycle; I sat with my back to the wall facing the door when we ate out.  We didn’t discuss the roles we played; we just cared for and protected each other however we could.  Simply put, there is nothing one of us wouldn’t do to protect the other. 

 Anyone reading this last sentence might want to pause right here.  Here’s the question: could we live with ourselves if we chose not to save a family member out of principle?  Here’s one for women: are you willing to let your husband take a beating and maybe die because you wouldn’t let him keep a gun in the house?  Sisters, we need to talk. 

P1100765 (Medium)Is it some kind of style that’s turned everyone so weak at heart?  Frontier women worked as hard as their men.  They were respected and honored, and when attacked, they fought savagely to protect their families.  They used guns because guns made them equal.  What’s so hard to understand about that?  

With violent crime on the rise, can we trust psychiatrists to fix all the nuts before they get to us?  Suppose they weren’t nuts?  What if they just want you and your stuff for as long as they can get away with it?  Could it be conscience, and not sanity, that separates us from these monsters? 

Many of my Defensive Pistol Class students are women.  Most had to overcome their fear of guns and judgment by their peers.  Why would they bother?  A greater fear perhaps, of losing a loved one, a home invasion; or being beaten and raped.

  Some women arrived at my class already angry.  The stories they told were terrible, and the notes between the lines are horrific.  It’s not just the women; their men who couldn’t save them…what about them?!   I’m at a loss for words here, it seems self-serving to suggest people learn to defend themselves, after all, I taught that stuff, but the hysteria and phobic rush to make guns completely disappear leaves only good people without guns.  What’s wrong with a 98 pound woman being able to stop a 250 pound man with romance on his mind?  

Police don’t stop crimes against women; women do, one at a time and word spreads fast.  There’s no support group in the room when he busts in, no mental health expert or pepper spray salesman with his guarantee still wet from the press.  Women’s organizations haven’t stopped attacks, guns have; and women’s groups seem to be attacking the guns, what’s with that, sisters?  P1100806 (Medium)

Having a gun with no training is not unlike a mail order bride; the propensity for trouble is high.  I could surely be wrong about the bride... but a gun in untrained hands is dangerous.  The press makes a big deal of every sordid incident, but you can’t get on the radio if you’ve successfully defended yourself.  Just think of the millions of guns in the hands of civilians who haven’t shot anyone today.  In trained hands, a gun is martial art without all that silly jumping, kicking and grunting.   

A Pistolero will see the beauty in everyday things, confident within him or herself and humble in their dealings.  We're not looking for trouble; we merely recognize the possibility.  

The Hoochie Coochie Factor?  Who knows how a pithy sweet & sour blend works behind closed doors?  I was surprised that in roughly 40% of domestic violence cases, men were the victims.  Remember when we were kids?  We boys beat hell out of each other, but it was you girls who really hurt us; you know, a look, a laugh…  

As the snug blanket of civilization enveloped us, an unspoken deal was struck.  It was this: "I won’t use my powers against you if you don’t use yours against me."  

Love, peace and safety fly out the window when these lines are crossed.  It just takes a look, an infidelity from either side; blood alcohol cocktails on long rainy nights or a vivid imagination to spark immature emotions.  Somehow the knife, gun or bathtub edge gets blamed for the damage.  Immaturity may be a curse like stupidity or bad teeth that randomly strike good and bad families alike.  Are we to allow trailer court trash to shape the way we defend ourselves?

Whichever gender, if there’s quarreling, guns should not be in the mix.  Neither should clubs, knives, poisons, hammers, screw drivers, cars, trucks, bleach, or restraining orders, (no surer way to make that headstrong man pay a visit).  Long term domestic violence is an implied agreement i.e.; some kind of sadomasochistic arrangement is in play, though not always voluntarily.  Beyond our reach here, but certainly there must be fifty ways to leave your lover

In the world of firearms, a handgun is something a soldier will use if his main weapon fails.  One does not go sailing in his life preserver; he carries it in case the ship goes down.  A pistol has the balance of power and control for the average man or woman to save their lives.  Hairy men with clubs will make much ado over their choice of pistols, but women are my best students and shoot better on average than the men in my classes.  A gun is far easier to learn than driving a car and much less dangerous in qualified hands.  

Psssst... a gun won’t do anything stupid unless you tell it to; and it'll end a fight between a 98 lb woman against a 250 lb drunk.

Now look what we’ve done, our logos are stuck together like a fork in the road.  Mystics, however, tell us that good and evil are only illusions, they say there’s only one power, only one prayer; that is to be closer to Him, the Spirit, by whatever name, and to live, unarmed without fear, under God’s good golden umbrella. 

These views are personal choices; not a vote, not a critic’ of other people’s choices.  All this talk about equality... Lady's, would you feel more equal as your head smashes repeatedly against the headboard while being raped... your husband dead or unconscious on the floor... 

Or would you feel more equal TRAINED, and able to put a couple rounds of a major caliber in your attackers chest before he can get to you? 

If being equal is what you want... Then dry your tears, and BE Fucking EQUAL! Fuzz

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits
drawn around us by the equal rights of others...” ~
Thomas Jefferson

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