Egg Whites International Newsletter: Get Dad some tools for Fathers Day.

Published by Egg Whites International on June 7th, 2024 2:19pm. 2 views.

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This newsletter is from Egg Whites International, a company that sells liquid egg whites. It encourages readers to order some egg whites for Father's Day using coupon code DAD for a 20% discount. Use the coupon on as many orders as necessary to get the most savings, and you can HOLD all orders until you need them or ship one and hold the rest. The email says they now have Klarna and Affirm as payment options, allowing you to buy multiple orders to get a bulk discount and delay shipping until you need them. The newsletter also has information about their VIP Club which gives special discounts, and information about their special pricing for first responders and others.

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Este boletín es de Egg Whites International, una empresa que vende claras de huevo líquidas. Alienta a los lectores a pedir claras de huevos para el Día del Padre usando el código de cupón PAPÁ para obtener un 20% de descuento. Use el cupón en la mayor cantidad de pedidos necesarios para obtener más ahorros, y puede RETENER todos los pedidos hasta que los necesite o enviar uno y retener el resto. El correo electrónico indica que ahora tenemos Klarna y Affirm como opciones de pago, lo que le permite comprar varios pedidos para obtener un descuento por volumen y retrasar el envío hasta que los necesite. El boletín también contiene información sobre nuestro Club VIP, que ofrece descuentos especiales, e información sobre nuestros precios especiales para socorristas y otros.

Get Dad some tools for Fathers Day.

Get Dad some tools

for Father's Day!

Tools to build a better body!

Use Coupon code
DAD for Father's Day 

and a 20% Discount

Stock up on as many orders to save the most money.
You can HOLD all orders until you need them.
OR Ship one and Hold the rest.
We now offer KLARNA and AFFIRM as a payment option
when you checkout on our website.
So you can now buy multiple orders to get a bulk discount
and delay the shipping until you need them.

Do you want to save $140 on the next 4 cases,
but don't have the money or the space to store them.

Now you can pay with KLARNA and get 2 months to pay.
You can pay with AFFIRM and get up to 12 months to pay.   

Just ship one case now.
Then just email us when to ship the next case,
and the next case, and the next case.
You control the shipping.
Buy Big, Save Big.

Now you can buy the Egg Whites you love,
even when you are low on cash and split the cost.
It's easy and Interest Free.


Join our VIP CLUB!
Get special VIP Discounts ALL YEAR LONG!
You can order multiple orders
at an even lower price to have on 

until you need them shipped.
So, Save NOW, Ship LATER!

 Just call or Email us if you want anything on
so we don't ship it until you need it.

[email protected] 

Keep in mind that we also have Special Pricing Programs for
ALL First Responders, Police, Fire Fighter, Doctors, Nurses,
EMT, Military, well.

[email protected]
Go to to place an order,
use the coupon code (not case-sensitive)
at checkout for great deals!

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