JigsawMassage Newsletter: New Vid, New Products,Recover Faster!

Published by JigsawMassage on January 13th, 2020 5:01am. 34 views.

New Vid, New Products,Recover Faster!

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JM 2.0

Enough power for the most experienced and the most quiet percussion massager. 

The long handle makes it easy to reach everywhere on the body!

239.99 / 599.99
Pro Pack

The most versatile combination of massage heads on the market. 

55.99 / 110.00
Soft Tip Massage Head

The softest and most versatile tip

25.99 / 49.99
Cordless Pro Pack

Heal your muscles and recover faster than your opponents!

189.99 / 299.99
Corded Pro Pack

Never run out of power and get the deep tissue massage for a lifetime. It's like a foam roller on steroids. 

109.99 / 150.00
Soft Tip Massage Head

The most underrated tip! Soft and potent enough to break up the toughest knots!

25.99 / 49.99
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