NIGHT Newsletter: The secret to happiness? Sleep. (And kindness.)

Published by NIGHT on January 13th, 2020 9:03am. 31 views.

The secret to happiness? Sleep. (And kindness.)

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Clear minds, open eyes, and fresh hearts.

With each new year is an opportunity for a fresh start. We believe that every morning is a brand-new opportunity to create the kind of life you want.

So what are you committing to in 2020? More self-care? Loving yourself for the person you are? Checking in with your mind and body? Getting better zzz's for brighter, more beautiful mornings?

These are a few of our intentions at NIGHT, as we continue our journey to create the very best sleep, wellness, and beauty products designed to help you live your best life, one NIGHT at a time.

Send us an email - we'd love to hear what you're striving for more of in 2020!

For anyone just starting to enhance your sleep and self-care routine, the Four Way Beauty Pillow is the perfect essential. With two sides to support both side- and back-sleepers, and a reversible pillowcase with two textures (silk for hydration, and bamboo for oil-wicking), this pillow gives you a perfectly customized night of sleep, every night.

Moisturizing your skin at night is a key part of any smart skincare routine. Our Sleep Boosting Cream is made of clean super-ingredients (including 24K gold flakes!) for plumping and hydration. Lavender and chamomile extracts reduce anxiety and promote relaxation for deep, restorative sleep. (This best-seller is in pre-order, so reserve yours now. You can thank us later!)

Trend reports point to the scrunchie as the practical hair accessory of the year. That's why we developed our Silk Scrunchie Set in 6 stylish color-ways, from high quality mulberry silk. No more ponytail dents, hair breakage, or bedhead!

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