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Published by Rear View Safety on February 10th, 2020 12:31pm. 68 views.

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Woman Whose Hands Were Pinned While Changing Tire Uses Toes To Dial 911

The jack slipped, dropping the car on both her hands for 45 minutes.



Federal Lawmakers Unveil Bill to Repair Bridges

The Bridge Investment Act, a bill meant to provide $20 billion to fix the country’s structurally deficient bridges by establishing a grant program, was unveiled last month by a bipartisan group of House lawmakers.


Colorado Bill Would Establish School Bus Safety Pilot Program

SB20-052 would create a student tracking and parent notification system, educate the public about school bus safety, recruit school bus drivers, and provide funding for safety initiatives.


Truck Tech Shortage A Question of Quality, Not Quantity

Everyone knew the truck tech shortage was coming, so why hasn’t the issue been fixed? Maybe because we have misidentified the culprit.


Electric Payload: These 5 Trucks Will Change America

Newcomers including Rivian, Bollinger, and Tesla are launching electric pickup trucks in the next few years.


Amazon And Google Take The Wheel As Car Companies Develop Future Vehicles

Autonomous bikes and scooters would make Uber’s shared micromobility business less reliant on humans to charge the vehicles. 


Winter Weather is Here - 8 Tips on How to Stay Safe

Tips from AAA on driving harsh conditions.


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