JigsawMassage Newsletter: Soreness be gone! (Bicep and Lats)

Published by JigsawMassage on February 13th, 2020 6:01pm. 28 views.

Soreness be gone! (Bicep and Lats)

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The most powerful massage devices used by the professionals

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Pro Pack

Deep Tissue - This is the original one and the one that started it all, the ORIGINAL, and it BEATS the knots into submission.

Pin Point - Great for the hands, feet, and any corners that are hard to get to, or for those especially tough spots in the upper back that can happen.

Soft Tip - This was designed to have more gentle touch than the Deep Tissue but it good for ANY area of the body.

64.99 / 99.99
Cordless Pro Pack

The Cordless Pro+ Jigsaw Massage Bundle gives you the most powerful recovery tool available on the market with three heads of versatility at a fraction of the cost of other percussive massage tools.

159.99 / 189.99
JM 2.0

The unique long handle makes it easy to access the normally hard to reach back and neck areas by yourself. This is of utmost importance, the long handle is something you do not want to miss out on and the main reason why we chose to stock the JM 2.0. 


239.99 / 399.99
Corded Pro

The corded model is one of the best because it never runs out of power and you can go on and on until your muscles are feeling recovered and/or activated pre workout.

109.99 / 199.99
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