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Published by vjbooks.com on March 25th, 2020 6:30am. 2 views.

March 25, 2020
We are trying to to assist in keeping our community informed with the most current information about the pandemic that has swept the face of the world. 

VJ Books is located in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Even though our state has one of the lowest number of COVID-19 cases, Oregon's governor has strongly urged us to shelter in place. Oregon is sandwiched between two states hit hardest by the pandemic, Washington and California. 

Washington has one of the highest mortality rates and California governor Newsom says California is unlikely to reopen by early April. Just a few hours ago it was reported that there are 2,628 confirmed cases in California (up 17.1% from Monday), including 1023 in the San Francisco (up 15.5% from Monday).

While social distancing and isolation are good for public health during the coronavirus outbreak, the practices are negatively impacting small businesses across the nation. I have learned of dozens of independent bookstores that are now closed. More are closing by the hour. Some are trying to move to online sales, but many don't even have functional websites. Most events have been cancelled.

VJ Books Update

We are doing whatever we can to stay viable through the weeks ahead. Shipping and handling supplies have been increased, and it looks like spring titles will be arriving on schedule. All of the major publishers are still operating, though some of their processes have moved online.

While we are operating with reduced staffing and shortened hours, shipments are going out on a timely basis. Some titles may be delayed with signing schedules interrupted, but so far so good.
40% Off Sale Ending Soon
*excluding presales and items already discounted
Clive Cussler Titles
While we have experience quite a run on Clive's books, we still have a pretty good stock of many of his titles. Quantities are limited, but all Cussler titles are on sale through the end of March.

We have secured a few additional double-signed copies of JOURNEY OF THE PHARAOHS, both US and UK editions. They will sell out fast, so don't delay.
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 US Edition
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 UK Edition

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