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Published by Eric | Indestructible Shoes on April 24th, 2020 3:02pm. 128 views.

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...but it was the confirmation she needed
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We honor everyday heroes like mom

Hello there friend,

Spaghetti for all

Am I good enough? Smart enough? doing enough?

It’s a question we probably ask ourselves often. Rhonda Williams a single mom of 3 boys (literally) found the answers on her son’s leg. Keep reading to find out what we mean.

My kids have been eating spaghetti for about a year now. I’m kidding. It’s only been a week, but that’s their way of telling me we need to go grocery. 

I feel bad. I’ve been a little behind on bills. 

I’m a security guard that works the swing shift, so I don’t always have time or resources to run errands. But we make do. 

The other day I found crunchy socks in Devin’s sock drawer...again! I don’t understand why he keeps wearing the same socks over and over. 

“I love crunchy socks, mom. They tickle me.” 

I can’t even get him to wear clean socks. I’ve failed. 

Devin is the youngest of my 3 boys and he’s the most vocal. He always makes sure I’m in the know. 

“Mom, we are tired of Spaghetti”

“Mom, Grandma snores loud”

“Mom, the oven door is broken”

I can’t do anything about grandma’s snores, but if I fix the oven door myself I can use that money for chicken, pizza, and burgers. 

The dirty leg

During dinner one night (It was pizza this time) Devin stood on the dining chair, lifted his pant leg and made a big annoucement:

“I won!” he yelled.

None of us could make out what was on his leg. Just black markings. When Devin noticed our confused eyes he tried to explain.

“My project was to write about my hero, I didn’t want to use paper, plus we didn’t have any so I wrote the story about my hero on my leg. My teacher thought it was cool! I won votes! My hero is you, mom!” 

The real reason behind crunchy socks

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or take him to the bathroom to scrub his leg. 

“You’re my hero because you work so hard, you cook the meanest spaghetti on the block, and you keep everyone at work and at home safe...that’s why I love you. And please don’t be mad when I wear crunchy socks...I just don’t want to add to your load of laundry” 

We all laughed so hard, we cried. Devin collected high 5’s from his older brothers and hugs from me and grandma. 

He took a shower that night (because I forced him to) and even though his leg is scrubbed clean, I will never look at that leg the same way. But in a good way. Whatever chicken scratch was on his leg, proved to me, that flaws and all, I’m doing ok as a mom.

As the CEO of Indestructible Shoes, I felt compelled to share this amazing story of Rhonda Williams because I know a lot of moms like her. 

We love how moms are strong, inspiring, and so filled with love. 

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