Astronomy Magazine Newsletter: The Must-Have Book for Night-Sky Viewing

Published by Astronomy Magazine on June 16th, 2020 7:31am. 17 views.

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Your All-in-One Guide to the Night Sky-The Complete Star Atlas: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Night Sky</em> is the all-in-one guide to approximately 87,000 stars and 1,200 deep-sky objects.
The Complete Star Atlas: A practical guide to viewing the night sky is a 160-page must-have book for astronomy enthusiasts seeking the brightest stars, intriguing constellations & tips on how to best view the universe from your own backyard. ORDER NOW...
24 high-quality star maps include how-to advice and observing techniques on finding deep-sky objects using various types of telescopes!
Map Highlights are optimized for use under dim, red flashlights, large enough to use practically in the field, include 200 photographs and text describing major attractions, and viewing tips and background information
EXPLORE a multitude of challenging and lesser-known gems, such as: Maffei 1, Copeland’s Septet, Palomar globular clusters, Abell galaxy clusters
Discover: How to choose and use telescopes and binoculars, Observing techniques, How to observe the moon, planets, and deep-sky objects
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