Astronomy Magazine Newsletter: Journey to the Edges of Our Galaxy and Beyond!

Published by Astronomy Magazine on June 19th, 2020 7:31am. 15 views.

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Tour the incredible scope of the cosmos as we know it
Journey to the edges of our galaxy and beyond with one of the most widely recognized astronomy experts as your guide.
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Galaxies By David Eicher
The natural history of the galaxies is majestic and deserves its own David Attenborough. In David Eicher, it may have just found him. —RICHARD DAWKINS, emeritus fellow, University of Oxford
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‘Fast Fact’ Sections with definitions, trivia and other digestible information, Tutorial & Tips for easily observing galaxies from the comforts of your backyard, Sketches and Diagrams of galaxy types, regions, star clusters, and other cosmic elements, And much more!
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Delve into the history of stargazing and space observation, learn how black holes power galaxies, and understand the classification of the different cluster types. This illuminating and illustrative guide—with artful illustrations and ever-before-seen photography—will open your mind to the wonders of the universe that await. ORDER YOURS NOW...
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