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Published by Miles Kimball on July 1st, 2020 8:03am. 7 views.

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Dear Friend,

As General Manager of Miles Kimball, one of my greatest joys is giving back to the people most responsible for our success: customers like you! In these trying times, I’d like to personally thank you for sticking with us and trusting in what Miles Kimball has to offer. We’re here for you, and our commitment to providing you with only the very best still holds strong. To show my gratitude for your loyal business, please accept this personal note of appreciation…with a special thank you offer!

Click on this email to receive FREE SHIPPING on any order over $49 and A Free Cell Phone Charging Station Set on any order over $59.

I’m inspired every day by customers like you and want to make sure we stock the Miles Kimball shelves with products you won’t find anywhere else. Our online shopping experience at is quick, secure and more convenient than making the trip to the store. From the unique and useful to the totally unexpected, you can trust our online selection to carry only the best for your home. Our outdoor décor, personalized gifts and handy kitchen gadgets are sure to suit your every need, all at deals I’m proud to share with you.

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation as you enjoy your savings. Look for more incredible values, exclusive products and hard-to-find gifts when you shop online. And if you have any comments or ideas to share with me, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,

Jennifer Heim
General Manager of Miles Kimball

P.S. Be sure to use your special offer by July 10, 2020.

Free Shipping On Any Order Over $49...Shop Now
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This Week in History: July 1, 1979 The first Sony Walkman goes on sale
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