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October 14th, 2021 6:33am - Hi Gorgeous!Are U Ready For Spooky?!

October 8th, 2021 6:31am - Save Up to $90 in This Halloween Sale!

September 28th, 2021 8:01pm - New Arrival!The Most Luxury Manicure Gift That You Must Have it!-Kanon rechargeable nail drill

September 22nd, 2021 10:00am - Hi💖Don't miss the 20% Off For Sparkle Pro Nail Drill Kits!For Professional Nail Artist!

September 16th, 2021 9:04am - 🎊Giveaway🎊Over $300 Value Prize free for you!

September 8th, 2021 12:00pm - 🍁New Fashion!Your Autumn Nails Designer

September 7th, 2021 9:29am - 💅Congrats!You're Chosen to Be a Nail Artist💅

September 1st, 2021 11:33am - Suprise Offer Inside! Countdown 2 days for MelodySusie 12th Anniversary Sale!

August 25th, 2021 11:52am - Last Chance! Up to $109.99 saved for the 12th Anniversary New Arrival!

August 20th, 2021 11:37am - Free Gift Worth $233 Now for You! 12th Anniversary Giveaway!

August 18th, 2021 11:35am - Melodysusie-50% OFF for New Arrival! Happy 12th Anniversary!

July 28th, 2021 6:33am - Grab a $300 Gift Card by Your Nail Art

July 21st, 2021 9:40am - UP TO $59 OFF! LAST CHANCE!

July 19th, 2021 9:40am - Free Gift Worth $200 to You! Giveaway Again!

July 16th, 2021 9:32am - It's Easy to Remove Gel Polish at Home!

July 13th, 2021 9:33am - Up to $60 OFF on Summer Sale!

July 9th, 2021 9:29am - A Super Easy Way to Use Extension Gel!

June 24th, 2021 9:33am - Up to 50% OFF! LAST CHANCE: Mid-Year Sale Returns!

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