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March 3rd, 2020 2:34pm - Deli-style corned beef brisket– just in time for St. Pat’s!

February 21st, 2020 2:03pm - Win a year’s worth of CP beef!

January 15th, 2020 10:52am - Win 105 pounds of Certified Piedmontese beef!

December 27th, 2019 11:17am - Tender & healthy beef for the New Year – all 25% off!

December 18th, 2019 9:26am - LAST DAY to order beef in time for Christmas!

December 16th, 2019 2:41pm - LAST CHANCE to order in time for Christmas–25% off all beef!

December 10th, 2019 3:14pm - A lean & tender Christmas roast – 25% off!

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