Laura Newsletter: How Kate Middleton Made Hosiery Popular

Published by Laura on May 15th, 2019 10:11am. 86 views.

How Kate Middleton Made Hosiery Popular

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How Has Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) Made Wearing Hosiery Popular Again?

From The Lowdown Blog

Between the go-go 1980s and Kate Middletons rise to fame as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, hosiery had what we might call a fallow period. The grunge 90s and spray-tanned, velour tracksuit-dominated 2000s did not feature much hosiery in fashion unless were talking about the ripped tights on Courtney Love.

So when Kate Middleton began to be spotted out and about in the 2010s with perfect, gleaming legs, many of us had no idea that hosiery was her secret. Its like the world had forgotten about pantyhose! But little by little,as Kates secret was discoveredand as theblogsbegan taking notice, the fashion world started warming up to hosiery again.

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