The easiest way to publish online.

Publish the contents of any email publicly by sending it to:
Easy as 1-2-3...

Just send an email to to publish its content online as a blog post. We'll create a new blog for you when you publish your first email. Here's an example.

We'll send you back a verification email to confirm the post is really from you before publishing it. Check your spam folder for an email from us if you don't receive it within around 5 minutes. (And mark it as Not Spam if it went there.)

  • Easiest way to blog - just send an email with your post to the above address.
  • Or cc the above address if you want to publish an email to somebody else publicly.
  • No login needed, no accounts to open, no software to set up, always free.
  • Your email address is kept private and you can delete your posts anytime if you like.

All content submitted must comply with our user content terms and conditions, and is subject to moderation and removal at our sole discretion.

Any questions? Please see our FAQ.

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