Social Links Now Available For All Blogs On

Published by on April 29th, 2021 3:00pm. 4672 views.

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We're pleased to announce that it's now possible to add social links to all blogs on By social links we mean links to your / your company's Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram page, LinkedIn page, or website. 

So if you're running your own personal blog on, you might want to link it to those personal pages of yours, and likewise, if it's a blog for your company, you can link it to your company's website and social media pages. That way your followers can follow you across the web.

Here's some examples: 

Personal Blog: Alex Bugeja's Blog.

Company Blog: Lotus Candles Blog.

To set them up, just click on any verification link we've sent you to login to your account. Remember, doesn't use passwords so there's never any passwords to remember - here's how to login using your verification links

Once logged in, navigate to your blog page (click the "Your Blog" link at the top of the page). See here:

Over there you'll see a link to "Edit Settings" and that will take you to a page where you enter your social links. See here: