Dana Shoched, O2VAPE Newsletter: Help us ensure we can deliver your favorite products to your door!

Published by Dana Shoched, O2VAPE on March 15th, 2021 11:38am. 37 views.

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Help us ensure we can deliver your favorite products to your door!

Thank you for being an important O2VAPE customer.  We take great pride in ensuring our products are of the highest quality, tested for safety, guaranteed to function as promised and delivered to your door at the most competitive price and in a timely fashion.  
Unfortunately, the stimulus bill signed into law at the end of 2020 included a relatively unknown adjustment that now defines the products we provide as nicotine devices and threatens to severely limit the way in which we can deliver products to you.   First and foremost is a ban on shipping via the USPS that also is extending to private carriers like UPS and FedEx.   While we all know our products are not for nicotine use, we are getting put in the same bucket and your ability to receive products on time and at the best prices could be at risk.

Time is running out and we want to maintain our services at the same prices and via the same carriers you are used to.  Join us and the coalition of companies all across the country sending this message out to customers today and let the USPS know that you don't want them to limit your rights.  

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