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Published by Survival Frog on August 30th, 2021 7:05pm. 31 views.

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Massive Labor Day sale going on now!

Part 1 of 2, Survival Gear Shopping List:

- Zombinator – the multi-tool hatchet that could save your life – perfect for that friend who loves The Walking Dead.

- Door Stop Alarm – ear-piercing alarm triggered when any door is opened – perfect for college students or road warrior.

- Neck Knife – hang around your neck, comes in cool survival sheath – perfect for anyone who loves knives.

- Tough Tesla Electric Lighter – wind and waterproof lighter – perfect for the smoker in your family (or the nonsmoker who loves gadgets).

- Self-Defense Kit – Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, and Personal Alarm – perfect for anyone.

You can find all items, and more, here…

Labor Day Survival Gear On Sale.

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P.S.  Get it today on sale, or wait and take the chance of it being out of stock.


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