LCPShop Newsletter: This Magic Floor Sweeper Will Make Cleaning Easier Than Ever

Published by LCPShop on October 10th, 2021 10:38am. 18 views.

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This Magic Floor Sweeper Will Make Cleaning Easier Than Ever

No more worries about where the dust is ending up with each swipe of the broom. With the Floor Sweeper, the rotating brushes lift the dirt and dust into the dustpan. Once done, simply empty and replace. No bags required. Designed to enable sweeping under cabinets, couches and more. The extended handle allows you to clean without breaking your bake. Simply swipe the Rotary Floor Sweeper once over the area and the dust and dirt is trapped in the dustpan.

  • Perfect for hard floors including tiles, wood and more
  • Convenient Built-in-Dustpan
  • Cordless, no batteries or cables required
  • Replaceable brushes
  • 360 degree rotating
  • Designed to enable cleaning under furniture with ease
  • Extended Ergonomic design handle
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