Finders Seekers Newsletter: Bonus Puzzle: unlock next month's mystery 🔒

Published by Finders Seekers on October 26th, 2021 9:59am. 47 views.

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Bonus Puzzle: unlock next month's mystery 🔒

Finders Seekers
Reveal the location of next month's mystery by cracking the code!
Welcome Seeker! Next month's mystery location has been sealed securely in a briefcase with a combination lock, and time is of the essence. To reveal the location, provide a five-digit numerical code to open the briefcase. Do you have what it takes to crack the code? Good luck!
Play this month's bonus puzzle
Available for a limited time
Hurry! Make sure you're subscribed to receive next month's mystery game, shipping November 23rd. Once it is gone, we won't ship this adventure again for another 2 years. 
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Explore the world, one mystery at a time.
Finders Seekers is a monthly subscription box that explores world cultures, decoding cryptic messages and solving mysterious clues. If you have what it takes to solve the 'Find', you can win cash and prizes!
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