Survival Frog Newsletter: Black Friday Sale - Survival Fresh Canned Meat

Published by Survival Frog on November 25th, 2021 7:05am. 3 views.

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If COVID has taught the world anything, it’s that everyone must be prepared. Prepared for lockdowns. Prepared for grocery store shortages. Or worse.

What items are needed? When do you need them? What skills do you need to learn?

Many of the savvy preppers are flocking to this food staple.
($50 off when you use coupon code SF50 at checkout)

With our recent switch to “Survival Fresh” Canned Meat...

We have been able to reduce our shipping times from 10-14 weeks to just 2-3 weeks!

However, with supply chain issues worsening through the holiday season, we anticipate having to add higher ship times to future orders.

Get in line now while shipping delays are lower. 

And, for Black Friday we are offering a $50 discount on Canned Meat when you place an order today.
(Use coupon code SF50 at checkout)

It's time to double down on the savings.

You can already get up to $400 off when you order more than one case.

But now for a limited time only, you can add the additional $50 off to see the savings stack up.

Get $50 off your Canned Meat order for Black Friday today!
(Use coupon code SF50 at checkout)

~ Survival Frog
​Preparing Made Easy®

P.S.  Don’t forget that you can break up your payments when you use AfterPay. No credit checks, or interest charged. Look for the AfterPay logo when checking out.


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