Free Fly Apparel Newsletter: Hurricane Dorian relief efforts

Published by Free Fly Apparel on September 10th, 2019 11:34am. 37 views.

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While we were incredibly fortunate here in Charleston to weather Hurricane Dorian with minimal damage, it's heartwrenching to see the wreckage Dorian has caused in the Bahamas. Like many of you, the Bahamas is a special place to us and the Free Fly Apparel community. It's a country where we have personal relationships, partnerships, and for years we've been warmly welcomed by the island communities. In the wake of the devastation brought by Hurricane Dorian, we're supporting relief efforts through both Charleston based non-profit Water Mission, who provides safe water, santitation and hygeine solutions in developing nations and disaster areas, and our retail partner, Baker's Bay, located in the Bahamas. We hope you can join us in helping those in need. Click here to find out how you can lend support.


Thank you for the many well wishes you've sent and for joining our community to help us support those who were less fortunate than us in this hurricane.





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