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One of our members (owners or Modern Nursery) posted a Reel showing the difference between an organic cotton onesie they purchased in retail and one they received in their UpChoose bundle.

The one they purchased themselves had already started to pile and lose shape, while the one from UpChoose still looked soft and smooth. The point is: quality matters and you will see a very clear difference when you choose superior quality. Baby clothes from certified organic cotton brands like the ones curated in UpChoose bundles are significantly softer, smoother, and more durable.

But superior quality can be expensive. Someone not knowing the Reel was about UpChoose commented: "It would be nice if the higher quality items would be affordable for everyone to purchase. It is unkind to point out the difference."


At UpChoose, making high-quality items more affordable for all parents is one of our top priority.

In fact, thanks to our circular model, UpChoose parents are saving up to 80% compared to the market price of the organic cotton brands they use. Want to start saving on the best quality? Take our short quiz and join the movement!

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If you'd like to watch the Reel, you can find it here.

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