Wicked Good Cupcakes | Sale Newsletter: Free shipping for Cupcake Day! 🧁 🚚 🧁 🚚🧁

Published by Wicked Good Cupcakes | Sale on December 15th, 2023 10:47am. 20 views.

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About this post - by PublicEmails.com:

This newsletter from Wicked Good Cupcakes offers free shipping for a limited time. The email includes text and images highlighting their flavors, weddings and events, party packs, and brownies. The email also explains some fun facts and the origin story of the original cupcake in a jar and includes hyperlinks to related content on their website.

In Spanish:

Este boletín informativo de Wicked Good Cupcakes ofrece envío gratis por tiempo limitado. El correo electrónico incluye texto e imágenes que resaltan sus sabores, bodas y eventos, paquetes de fiesta y brownies. El correo electrónico también explica algunos datos divertidos y la historia del origen de la magdalena original en un frasco e incluye hipervínculos a contenido relacionado en su sitio web.

Enjoy free shipping on us just in time to get your Christmas deliveries ordered.